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Alternative Communication Tips For Introverts


As introverts, it is not always easy to enjoy ourselves in various social situations. In this article we have outlined some alternative communication tips for introverts.

If we enjoy ourselves at a party or event (with people present who are not familiar), we regard it almost as a gift and a special opportunity. Therefore, people may consider us mysterious. Of course, this latter situation can also be a case. Yet, in most cases, it is only a matter of trying to communicate in the most appropriate way according to our personality. We often tend to obtain only that much of social life that is still harmonious for us.

If you are introverted, you have probably experienced that sometimes communication and sharing our own thoughts is not easy – and not because you have no thoughts at all. In addition, the larger the company and the more unknown persons are present, this is more true. You may feel that you talk more easily with one or two close friends or family members, specially with beloved ones.

Therefore, we have gathered some useful alternative ideas for communication that you can use in social situations, particularly with extroverted conversation partners. (Click here to read our article about extroverted personality)

Take a seat!Alternative-communication-tips-for-introverts

Simple, easy to carry out, still we barely think about just sitting down. For you as an introvert, big events, busy parties and weird small talks to strangers can be distracting. Thus, it’s a good solution for us to sit down in such cases. Using this trick, you have the opportunity to maintain dialogues with only a couple of people. Additionally, we may find other introverted companions like us.

Set yourself aside for a while from the company!

We generally don’t attend a social event to be alone, but it is important to recognize if we need a “rest”. This can help you to re-enjoy the company again, so it is definitely worth thinking about this tool. So if you feel that the event is too exhausting and people talk a lot, simply walk farther, go out to the fresh air, or walk around the house. It is a pretty simple but effective method that will make you feel better. Do politely excuse yourself and return in a few minutes, being re-charged and replenished.

Make the other person feel positive when talking to you!

Not to mention, extroverted people look at the world differently. They are full of energy during socializing and after such an event they feel themselves totally re-charged. They will sense that way even stronger after a delightful conversation with you, so they will consider you an influential person. Do not be afraid of letting them know that you enjoy talking to them (of course only if you feel that way).

Ask! Listen actively!

No matter how odd it may seem, but you are supposed to be the one who leads the conversation. What does this mean exactly?

We generally believe that extroverted persons are more likely to maintain the conversation, especially in larger company. Actually, this is often the case.  However, if you want to avoid boring courtesy formulas that are uncomfortable for you, you’d better ask questions and actively listen to the answer. Extroverted people are constantly ready to interact. They are happy to talk about themselves and their circumstances, and ultimately they will feel you are a terrific conversation partner. With this trick, you can automatize the conversation yourself without having to talk much about yourself. It is a good idea to ask the other person about their work, their children, their studies or their pet.

Pick the date of the conversation yourself!

You presumably have experienced that talking someone in a quiet place is more pleasant instead of rushing to them at a noisy spot. For instance, you can propose them meeting in a nice cafe or having dinner together. As a result, outside conditions will not disturb you, and you can listen to each other.


Write it down! 

We cannot skip this one when considering the list of alternative communication tips for introverts. We recommend you to note your thoughts if you intend to discuss more or complex topics with the other party. It is great if you want to keep the thread of managed conversation. It is a useful idea to jot down and summarize the key points in advance by email, thus you only have to touch the points you want to clarify or agree on.

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