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If you have read our post about the introverted personality type, the question may arise: what characterizes extroverted personalities? Let’s look at this topic, too.

What does the extroverted personality mean?

Most people consider others extroverted, who

  • like meeting new people,
  • like social gatherings (occasions, events, parties, etc.),
  • like talking,
  • have many friends,
  • are solution-oriented, friendly and energetic,
  • are always ready to participate in various programs.

We feel these characteristics being rather positive, however negative or less positive features regarding extroverted personalities are often mentioned as well. What are these?

For example, they may be the ones who

  • are occasionally less focused,
  • are having trouble listening to others,
  • are less interested in others,
  • feel the time spent alone torturing, useless and boring.

Regardless of whether a characteristic or a behavioral pattern is positive or negative, the following list may be considered as generally valid for extroverts:

The extroverted person:

  • tends to act without thinking,
  • likes to be the focus of the company,
  • likes to be listened to,
  • has a wide range of interests,
  • believes that the most effective form of communication is speech,
  • feels effective in teamwork against individual work,
  • turns to the outside world for ideas and inspiration.

As we have described in our article on the Introverted, we cannot declare that we are one hundred percent of one or the other, since we are all somewhere between the two ends of the scale. No group is “better” than the other, and it’s perfectly okay if you believe that you belong to one or the other, as you have a number of beneficial traits and characteristics that the outside world values and appreciates in you.

Am I extroverted?

Examine the following factors and if you agree with the majority of them, you are certainly an extroverted person:

Social events inspire and energize you

Let’s eliminate the misunderstanding that an extroverted person always loves to spend time with others and always turns to the outside world. This of course may be true, but an extroverted person can rather be distinguished from the introverted in the kind of pastime they are filled up and from what their energy are gained.

You are extroverted if you feel that time spent with other people is what energizes you and which makes you gain extra vitality. It makes you feel more open and confident, and occasionally designates new directions, ideas and goals for you. If you ask an extroverted person what it is to be more delighted: the time spent alone or time at a social event, he or she always chooses the latter option. Of course this does not mean that as an extrovert you cannot or do not want to be alone sometimes – this happens occasionally, but real recharge is not coming from the time spending by yourself.

You like to talk

As we mentioned in the first part of the article, you as an extroverted person prefer conversation with friends, family and coworkers. But you go even further: you strive to make conversations and acquaintances with strangers and new, unfamiliar people. You love to meet strangers and are happy to talk to them about different topics. It does not mean a problem starting chitchatting with them, you enjoy the situation by not knowing each other before. Unlike the introverted ones, you as an extrovert are not characterized by thinking first-talking later, you rather are keen on talking to other people and in this way get to know them. Thanks to this feature you can easily and quickly make new friends and acquaintances. From this we can conclude that:

You are considered to be friendly and open

Most people believe that you are friendly and open because you make easily acquaintance and like talking. If at a party or social event you notice that new guests are just standing lost, you will be among the first to turn to them and introduce them to others.

You enjoy being stimulated

You need the energies of the outside world to ensure your energy level. You do not like to be bored and you are happy to engage in multiple activities, even at the same time.

In what aspect do you need to be careful as an extrovert?

Your relationships and your friendships may be more superficial and less sincere. Since you have many friends and acquaintances, it may be difficult for you to find out who to turn to in trouble, who you really can rely on. In your communication listen as closely as possible to what the other party says, listen carefully and inquire about them. Try not to talk about yourself but rather about the other person. Get in the position of the other party and you’re way closer to them!

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