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What is INTRENIQ and how can we help you?

INTRENIQ deals with solving problems that anyone may face every day. Have you ever found yourself in a social situation where your introverted personality have caused you a disadvantage? If your primary focus is heading to your inner world, it’s harder to find the opportunity to build relationships or get friends. This is truer in childhood. As an adult however – since our society favors extroverted people – it might be more difficult to be inhibited.

If you are introverted, similar situations may be familiar to you. When you join a new community, whether it is a new job, entering a new group, or even participating in a program that is part of a social setting (gym, party, bigger family gatherings), excessive inner focus may hinder the exploitation of future opportunities that might move you forward or would bring new opportunities.

The mission of INTRENIQ is to train you to handle presentational, communicative and public speaking situations confidently that you may encounter during your daily life and for which as an introvert, you need support and practice.

INTRENIQ helps you

  • to win the fight even in cases of ’mission impossible’,
  • to feel yourself as a winner at the end of the day,
  • to consider the situation as a challenge,
  • to be in your best possible form,
  • and to strive for overcoming the obstacles confidently.

Who are behind INTRENIQ?

Orsi: As for academic background, she is a Human Resource Manager, Economist and
gained PhD degree in Psychology.
She has been working as a recruitment professional for more than 10 years, and teaches
career management and interview techniques at the university.  She applies the methods
developed by Intreniq for her successful presentations and communication in social events.

Ask her in case you are interested in:

  • preparing for a job interview (as a candidate or an interviewer)
  • CV advice
  • workplace stress management

Zsófi: As for academic background, she studied Sociology in English and graduated
in Budapest.
She has extensive experience in Human Resources and IT. Besides her work, she deals with
psychology with the purpose of identifying human thinking, behavior and motivations
as thorough as possible.

Ask her in case you are interested in:

  • Resolving conflicts
  • Communication
  • Effective decision making

We are glad you are here!

Join our presentation, communication and public speaking trainings!

We always strive to develop our services. To tailor our trainings to your needs, please share with us what you would be mostly interested!

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