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What Do MBTI Personality Types hate? 1st part: EXTROVERTS

If you have read our post on MBTI personality types, you are probably aware by now which one of the 16 MBTI types-that are represented by four letters-you belong to.


The categories contain four sets of letters that are: introversion and extroversion (I and E), sensing and intuition (S and N), thinking and feeling (T and F), finally judging and perceiving (J and P) traits. Each of the personality types appears as a combination of four letters (for example: ENTJ, INFP, ESFJ, etc.). If you have not yet completed the test and do not know which exactly your type is, we recommend you to do it now. On one hand, it makes fun, and on the other hand, after reading the surprisingly accurate explanations, you might get a much clearer picture of why you are acting in a way you act.  Also, you will understand the background of your decisions much better. The questions are now, what are those things that extroverts hate.

Once you have completed the test and found out your MBTI type, check out the list below. The list contains elements, facts or statements you likely hate.

Maybe not all items on the list may fit you 100%, but if you agree with just a couple of them, you have certainly determined your personality type accurately.

The list below outlines the factors that extroverts hate.

Click here for a similar list applying to introverts.

What ENTP hates:

  • Doing household chores.
  • People who are constantly living in the past.
  • If they discover a good idea, that could have been their idea.What-do-extroverts-hate?
  • If they have no one to speak to.
  • If they have to handle lots of time- consuming activities that lack creativity.
  • If they need to talk or act with caution at every moment.
  • If they feel they have to suppress their own individuality and adjust to the group norm.
  • If others senselessly take themselves too seriously.

What ENTJ hates:

  • If plans are canceled at the last minute.
  • If people cannot to get to the point.
  • Emotional manipulation and jealousy.
  • Bureaucracy and slow processes.
  • If they have to depend on or are guided by others.
  • If they cannot do anything to keep up with the tasks.
  • If others do not take responsibility for their mistakes.
  • Open expression of emotions.
  • Complaints and excuses.
  • Dead beats.

What ENFP hates:

  • Rude customer service agents or shop assistants.What-do-extroverts-hate?
  • Meaningless and repetitive tasks.
  • Breaking up human relationships.
  • Paying bills and dealing with finance-related activities, too.
  • Being on their own.
  • If they are entrusted with work, that is too detailed.
  • If they are boxed in or underestimated.
  • Killjoys.

What ENFJ hates:

  • Negative people.
  • Compassionate but energetic people.
  • Rude behavior and unpleasant manner, too.
  • Jealousy and punctilious people.
  • Being on their own.
  • Gossip and despise rumors of others.
  • Pessimism.

What the ESTJ hates:What-do-extroverts-hate?

  • People who get too attached to them.
  • Situations that are emotionally overheated.
  • Debates that are driven by emotions rather than facts.
  • Those who are premature and lack self-control.
  • Lazy people who do their best at work.
  • Inefficient systems and methods that do not work.

What the ESFJ hates:

  • If criticized by others.
  • Working by their own.
  • Being ostracized or being left out.
  • If they need to learn something that requires technical knowledge.
  • If others are hostile or do not cooperate.
  • If people behave rude and unfriendly.
  • Sharing bad news or if they have to discipline others.
  • People who seem too knowledgeable or over-competent.
  • Cheap, poor quality.

What the ESTP hates:

  • Cheap, poor quality.What-do-extroverts-hate?
  • If they have to wait.
  • If they feel, they are out of a good opportunity.
  • Controlling or directing others.
  • Loud air blowers in bathrooms.
  • If they can’t solve complicated problems quickly.
  • The predominant intellectuals and those who find their views unquestionable.
  • Those who drive slowly in the fast lane.
  • If their friends are going out without them.
  • If people complain of their weight, making no effort to find a solution.

What the ESFP hates:

  • Stressful situations.
  • Those who do not answer the phone.
  • Spending money on bills.
  • If they cannot find anyone to go out.
  • Making plans for the future which means a concern to them.
  • If others think, they are shallow and not smart enough.
  • Diet and exercise.


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