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INTRENIQ – Communication and public speaking trainings for introverts

My Personality type

I Am Introverted
I am introverted

Most importantly, the search for external stimuli (impressions and experiences) is less relevant for introverted personalities. They are focusing on their inner world and are rather observers in company, than leaders of conversations.

I Am Ambivert
I am ambivert

Ambiverted personalities prefer to select whom they initiate conversation with, and their relationships are not nurtured as thoroughly as that of the extroverted ones.

I Am Extrovert
I am extrovert

Extroverted people love meeting new people, like social gatherings, as well as enjoy talking with several friends. They are result-oriented, friendly and energetic and are always ready to participate in various programs and social events.

Presentation and public speaking trainings for introverts

Everyone may face a situation where there is a need to speak, deliver a lecture or make a presentation in public. Most people are anxious and excited in such situations. Such an occasion for introverted personalities causes even greater difficulties, as there is a great and stressful focus on them.

The training material has been designed to help overcome stress, excessive excitement and reduce the associated physiological symptoms.

After the presentation and public speaking training designed for introverted personalities, the participant

  • understands what triggers excessive excitement;
  • knows how to use rhetorical tools that can be learned;
  • leans the tricks that can be used during speech and how the presentation is structured;
  • captures the most successful way of memorizing the speech outline;
  • develops his or her capabilities to maintain the public’s attention;
  • practices public speaking.
Az introvertált személyiségeknek szóló prezentációs tréning

Looking forward to meeting you on the training!

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