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10 Dream Jobs For Extroverts

Eve has been working as a sales representative for a vitamin supplier company for 2 years.


Her job involves visiting pharmacies belonging to her area and selling nutrition supplements to them. Unfortunately, pharmacies are not always keen on welcoming Eve, who, therefore has to call ten times as many pharmacies as she can finally visit. The pharmacists she manages to meet are friendly, but even in these cases she cannot be sure that they will finally buy from her.

Although her sales results are good, Eve finds regular client rejects difficult to bear. She communicates smoothly, is professionally well prepared, shows empathy to clients, and even provides product samples to them.

 It is not wise choosing a job based only on your qualifications or experience. It is also important to consider how well the position fits your personality. 

What is the reason Eve doesn’t enjoy her job?

The answer is because this occupation does not suit her personality.

A right choice is able to determine your work satisfaction, confidence and success in the long run. There can be a big difference between how much an introverted and an extroverted person enjoys the same role. Some occupations are better suited to one personality group than the other, so it is important to know which personality type you belong to. (If you don’t know your own personality type, you can now find it out here using this quiz).

Those who are extroverted, tend to like people and enjoy being in company. They love teamwork, love meeting people, and don’t mind having to speak in front of a large audience. They are not afraid of expressing their own opinion  and do not take disputes or rejections too personally.

What are the 10 dream jobs for extroverts?

10-dream-jobs-for-extrovertsLawyer / Attorney-at-Law

Lawyers handle corporate and private litigation. They need to be able to argue well and protect their clients even in a tough situation. While at court, they may have to speak to a large audience. They should respond promptly and wise to difficult questions raised by the other party or the judge, which require immediate reaction and quick thinking.

Project Manager

Whoever is overseeing an entire project must be in touch with a wide variety of people and staff. Also, they need to cooperate with customers, suppliers, technical staff and managers, often within a tight time frame. If you are fond of making quick decisions and controlling many sub-processes, this job might be a good choice for you!

Sales Representative

For many, this occupation comes first in mind when it is about a „typical” job for extroverts. The person who sells, gets in touch with a lot of people, talks a lot and needs to persuade sometimes. They may have some administrative background work, but most of the time they visit  customers and promote their products.

Investment or Financial Advisor

Likewise a salesperson, they often visit customers. They lead discussions and are eager to find solutions to the problems of his clients. Clients may sometimes not understand a particular financial or investment package, so the consultant must understand the need clearly and has to explain the benefits of the solution, even help to move the client towards the purchase.

Restaurant Worker10-dream-jobs-for-extroverts

If you work in a restaurant you can hardly expect to do your job alone, on your own. Those employees working in restaurants are the ones who are used to being among a lot of people: their co-workers (chefs, waiters, restaurant manager, etc.) and the changing circle of guests. The restaurant worker also has to behave soberly in dealing with difficult situations, for example, if complaining guests are not satisfied with the food served.


Nurses need excellent communication skills and friendly manner as they deal with patients. If patients are afraid of an examination or want to know more about the treatment, the nurse should reassure them and explain the procedure. They also need to work closely with doctors and senior management.

Event Organizer

The job of the event organizer is also characterized by contacting a wide variety of people and organizations. They need to find the best decisions possible for the sake of the event, often under pressure. They negotiate with venues, suppliers, clients, performers, authorities, and eventually musicians. Essential is their market knowledge, contact network, leadership skills and quick decision-making skills to do the job successfully.

10-dream-jobs-for-extrovertsActor / Performer

Who else could be more in the focus of spotlight than an actor, singer or performer? This job might seem ideal for an extroverted personality who enjoys attention, longs for success and applause. While they are in spotlight or on stage, the audience is silent and all eyes are on them.

TV or Broadcasting presenter, Showman

When conducting a live show, there is no way for the attention to be distracted: the showman must maintain the show live, needs to speak seamlessly, and has to respond immediately to unexpected happenings. In addition, during the show they need to keep in touch with their colleagues through the headset, and they also have to consider the time. If you are looking for a real challenge and you possess these skills, this is the job for you!


Like nurses, they need to establish good relationships with patients, their relatives and doctors. In the case of more serious illnesses and lonely patients they may also need to provide psychological support in addition to their normal daily work, therefore this occupation requires a wide range of skills and responsibility.

Although the list of 10 dream jobs for extroverts may be a useful guide for some people, not everyone will pick from his list. It is worth considering our personality, habits and preferences and find the job accordingly that best suits us. This is the key to remain motivated, committed and successful in the long run.

Eve completed the personality test. It revealed that she belongs to the introverted personality group. After some search, she has found a job that does not require her to visit stores or sell products. She currently works as a graphic designer for a small company. Having chosen a job that suits her personality much better, she is now happy and satisfied.

Alex’s story is similar to Eve’s. Interested, what happened to him? 

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