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What Do MBTI Personality Types hate? 2nd part: INTROVERTS

If you have read our post on MBTI personality types, you are probably aware by now which one of the 16 MBTI types- that are represented by four letters- you belong to.


The categories contain four sets of letters that are: introversion and extroversion (I and E), sensing and intuition (S and N), thinking and feeling (T and F), finally judging and perceiving (J and P) traits. Each of the personality types appears as a combination of four letters (for example: ENTJ, INFP, ESFJ, etc.). If you have not yet completed the test and do not know which exactly your type is, we recommend you to do it now. On one hand, it makes fun, and on the other hand, after reading the surprisingly accurate explanations, you might get a much clearer picture of why you are acting in a way you act.  Also, you will recognize the background of your decisions much better. The striking question is, what do introverts hate.

Once you have completed the test and found out your MBTI type, check out the list below. The list contains things, facts or statements you likely hate.

Not all items on the list may fit you 100%, but if you agree with just a couple of them, you have certainly determined your personality type accurately.

The list below outlines the factors that introverts hate.

Click here for a similar list applying to extroverts.

What INTP hates:

  • Working in a team.
  • Following unnecessary and meaningless procedures.
  • If people complain about trivial things.what-do-introverts-hate?
  • If the leader intervenes in insignificant things, that would be the job of the subordinates.
  • If people agree with a group consensus, instead of making their own decision.
  • If others assume that what is beneficial for them, it will also be good for the INTP.
  • If asked unnecessary, stupid questions, such as, “What’s up?”
  • Having meals with others. They rather eat alone.

What the INTJ hates:

  • Going out during the day.
  • If they have to work without a clearly defined goal.
  • If being forced to improvise.
  • People who don’t stick to their word.
  • If they have to work with people unfamiliar with the particular project or task.
  • Surprises and unexpected guests.
  • People who talk a lot.
  • Those who talk without thinking and pretend to be listening, however, they do not pay attention indeed.
  • Those who stubbornly insist on their theory even after it has turned out that they are not right.

What INFP hates:

  • Chores or homework.
  • Those who look at things only from their own point of view and cannot understand others’ opinion.
  • Self-righteousness and hypocrisy.
  • Feeling too emotional and if others neglect their feelings.
  • Predictable routine tasks and restrictive environment.
  • Mendacity and lies.
  • If they are experiencing the emotional impact of the opinions of others.

What the INFJ hates:

  • Loud and crowded places.
  • Social events full of strangers.
  • Dirty or messy house when arriving home.
  • Lack of loyalty.what-do-introverts-hate?
  • If others don’t listen to them or misunderstand them.
  • Saying goodbye.
  • People who express their unquestionable opinions without tolerating other point of views.
  • Emotional manipulation and dishonesty.
  • Conflicts and toxic people.
  • If people are nervous or tense with no reason.

What the ISTJ hates:

  • If others find a mistake in their work.
  • If people do not place the objects back where they have found them.
  • Deadlines and tasks to do right away.
  • If they need to go to an office party and another social event.
  • If they have to take risks.
  • If their honesty is questioned and people criticize their personality.
  • If others are disorganized, unprepared or lazy.
  • If people protest aggressively or do not respect the rules.
  • Messy people and places.

What the ISFJ hates:

  • Phone calls.what-do-introverts-hate?
  • Criticism in general.
  • If others do not finish tasks.
  • Selfish, egotist and arrogant people.
  • Ungratefulness and wickedness.
  • If others do not clean after themselves.
  • Being away from home or family.
  • If they have to diverge from their good old habits or methods.
  • Receiving unsolicited advice on topics they are good in.

What ISTP hates:

  • If they need to attend a job interview or similar interviews.
  • If being judged by people who do not know or understand them.what-do-introverts-hate?
  • Pop-up and long ads.
  • Pushy sales agents.
  • Those who are desperately trying to gain attention and understanding.
  • When they meet people, they don’t want to talk to.
  • If a third person interrupts a one-to-one discussion.
  • If they need to reveal their emotions, therefore become vulnerable.
  • The feeling that they are not comfortable in some social situations.

What ISFP hates:

  • Cruelty and injustice.
  • If the goal is to stay in constant touch with others.
  • Those who violate their privacy.
  • If they need to leave a voice message on others’ phones.
  • People who judge them too harshly.
  • Short, shallow, polite conversations (“small talks”).
  • If they need to talk to others about their emotions and thoughts.
  • If they need to make long-term strategic plans.


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