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Your Next Job Interview Is Conducted By A Robot?

What are your chances that a job interview is conducted by a robot? Can it be possible that one day they will be able to lead an interview, thus replacing the interviewer?


If so, the question arises: can they judge, on the basis of a virtual conversation, whether the job applicant is suitable for the position?

These questions would have seemed really absurd and frightening even a few years ago. However, today they are no longer that unusual. The goal of artificial intelligence research (AI) is to support humans in science, economy, engineering, or even business management. It is a valid question from the companies’ perspective whether a robot or an artificial intelligence can be deployed in workforce. For organizations, the benefit of these systems is that the process may be faster, more flexible and more techically developed. Furthermore,  just as positive is the fact that an automatization can be used by the applicant at any time, at any time of the day.

The so-called “chatbot,” a specific type of artificial intelligence, is already used by many organizations around the world (e.g. Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Wall Street Journal, Mastercard, Sephora, etc.).

Chatbot is actually a technical solution of modern times for mass communication, chatting or providing information. This helps companies to facilitate their own communication, as well as they are able to automate certain tasks.

This can be used with clients, existing employees, job applicants, or anyone who gets in contact with the company.   Customer or employee communication is carried out using robots, who might lead conversations very similar to those of humans. You can raise questions, but they can also ask you something that is related to your problem.

The amazing thing about this is that these issues of ours will be resolved or forwarded to the right department. This way you simply can order food, a taxi, a plane ticket, or you can also submit a complaint if you are not satisfied with a purchased product. With this method, entire corporate communication systems can be managed without minimal human intervention. It might have happened that you didn’t even notice that an artificial intelligence helped you solve your problem recently when texting with a company in a chat window…

What about the recruitment processes in human resources area? Can the chatbot replace the interviewer? In case your next job interview is conducted by a robot, will you attend?

your-next-job-interview-is-conducted-by-a-robotAlthough it may seem to be astonishing, but yes, it is possible. We need to accept that this is what the future is about and that has already begun. Many companies already utilize this technical solution to conduct a first-round interview with job applicants. Moreover, the artificial intelligence leading the interview is already able to make basic decisions about the candidate. What is the way the robot can do this?

For example, the robot can be instructed to monitor signs of body language, gestures, response time and voice intonation. It is also able to detect if the applicant is not answering the question. In such a case, it warns the person not to get away from the subject and focus ont he topic. It identifies the applicant’s stress level and can draw conclusions from it. Another great advantage of a virtual interviewer robot is that it can be taught to filter out candidate personality traits indicating if the person is not expected to be effective in the specific job role. It also determines pretty precisely whether the person is introverted or extroverted. Currently, there are also examples of virtual interviewers conducting tests of honesty and ethical behavior and evaluating them appropriately.

And all this is carried out without any human presence, automatically and quickly. Even in 24 hours a day.

This allows the organization to save costs, redeploy its employees to other assignements, and last but not least, they keep up with technology development, which can be fruitful in terms of employer branding and reputation, too.

From the candidate’s perspective, the main advantages are the time flexibility already mentioned: they can choose to attend the job interview at night or even early in the morning, as their own daily routine allows. This can be done without any difficulties, since the robot, the artificial intelligence, practically the virtual interviewer is always ready. It is the one who is never tired, always available to work and unfamiliar with the concept of overtime. In addition, the job applicant can be sure that he or she will be treated equally with the other candidates, as at the first such interview the robot your-next-job-interview-is-conducted-by-a-robotinterviewer will not be influenced by its own personal prejudices (that do not exist, anyway).

There is no doubt, that the role of virtual interviews in artificial intelligence research area is becoming increasingly important.

The more interviews a company has to conduct, the more it becomes true. After the successful workforce processes of larger organizations, smaller companies also gradually recognize the benefits of robot-driven job interviews, so we should certainly have to reckon with this method as well in the future.

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