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What You Shouldn’t Say To Introverts During Christmas

As we have pointed out in this and this article, the world sometimes considers introverted people weird, since they avoid busy parties and noisy gatherings.

What you should not say to an introvert during Christmas

Occasionally introverted people are happy to attend such events, but after that they always need some alone time they can spend recharging themselves. During Christmas and holiday seasons, they eventually turn down party invitations, no matter if office or family gatherings. This is essential for them in order to maintain their mental health.

However, others are not always align with this.

You are not surprised if someone does not ask for a dish rich in fat or says no to sweets if she suffers from diabetes. Everyone understands she pays attention to her physical well-being and health. However, such rules for maintaining our mental health are not so self-evident. Everyone needs to explore the conditions themselves that help to maintain balance. An important consideration for this is where you are on the introversion-extroversion scale.

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A terrifying experience for one person might be a nightmare for another.

The world often values ​​the extroverted personality type, so as an introvert, remember to create conditions for yourself that don’t please others but you. These include when are the times you feel good, where you can be yourself and with whom you like to spend your time.

The following tips are specifically helpful for extroverts:

What you shouldn’t say to introverts during Christmas holidays?

What you should not say to introverts during Christmas

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