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10 Dream Jobs for Introverts

Alex would like to change his job.


Being uncertain and unaware of the possibilities, he visits one of his best friends to ask for advice. The friend is of course aware of Alex’s polite manner, so she advises him to search for an area representative, a sales person or similar position.  She believes that Alex might easily convince prospective clients using his good communication skills.

Whereas Alex considers this advice, he is quite sure that he would not be happy being around people all day. Certainly he isn’t fond of leading negotiations, moreover convincing hesitant customers to buy the products he sells.

Therefore, a few days later he decides to approach an experienced coach. He helps Alex to recognize that his personality requires more of a job where he has the opportunity to analyze and work on his own. Because Alex has been editing videos for his friends for a while, for this reason he decides to move on towards this direction and find a job related to this field.  All in all, this activity proved to be one of the most suitable ones considering his personality.

Hence the question arises, why would Alex be happier, therefore more successful in a video editor job than being a salesman, who needs to visit customers frequently?

The answer is: because Alex is introverted.

  • What are the best jobs for introverts?
  • What kind of occupation should one choose with a preference of working alone (or surrounded by a few fellow workers) and wishing to avoid frequent social interactions? 
  • What are the best options for those who are not depressed by remote work, but on the contrary: inspired and motivated working from home?

Importantly, our personality has a great impact on how we feel ourselves in our work environment and how successful we can be. Therefore it is worth moving forward in a direction where we can develop our strengths and where we can act most effective.

All right. But what are the best jobs for introverts?

 Writer, Blogger

Firstly, a writer needs to be able to work for long hours without distraction. Secondly, ror a well-written article, novel or newsletter the most ideal condition is when the author is alone. Under these circumstances they can do the research on the subject and get deep into the topic they write about.

 Graphic Designer

Would you like to use your creativity? Are you keen on working with graphic softwares? The graphic designer  happens to be surrounded by a smaller team. In addition, the others also work in similar positions and require the same concentrated condition. In addition, the graphic designer is an excellent example that can be done from home, which is pretty much preferred by introverts.

 Gardener, Park Designer10-dream-jobs-for-introverts

Obviously, in this role you do not need to ’small talk’ (short, polite conversation) when you arrive at your workplace. A gardener has close relationship with plants, gardens, trees, parks and arboretums that never expect conversation. In addition, if you are looking for a job connected with fresh air, you can hardly find any better option to pick.

Interior Designer

Likewise the graphic designer, the interior designer tends to be close to the design programs. If you are fed up with much time spent with your customers, you can return to your design desk any time and continue your creative activities that helps you recharging. By all means there’s always a cupboard, wallpaper, rug or armchair that needs to be found, ordered or tested.

Researcher, Scientist

Would you like conducting a research in a quiet, peaceful laboratory with maximum a few co-worker, like you? Sure, an attractive job indeed! In such a role, it is not only advisable, but mandatory to work on and analyze in-depth research, evaluation or testing.

10-dream-jobs-for-introvertsAnimal Care, Dog Walker

Dealing with animals – you will always be surrounded by the best companions! Why? Because they always welcome you, are great listeners and appreciate care at any time. They do not resent  if you don’t feel talking to them, but are always there if you need them.

Fine Artist, Painter, Photographer, Translator

As you have noticed, all of these particular jobs mean independent work. To retreat to your own place and work on the artwork on your own: dream jobs for introverts.

Film and video editor

On one hand you may need to work with a few fellows as a film editor. On the other hand however, you use the software for most of your time in order to finalize the video perfectly.


Independence, flexible work schedule, remote work, creativity. Can you mention more attractive opportunities for those who are reluctant to participate ever lasting meetings in a busy office? No doubt, one of the cool 10 dream jobs for introverts.

Mechanic maintenance

If you feel that maintenance and mapping the faults of industrial equipment are more attractive than being in close interaction with people, you should certainly consider this job. Your tasks involve studying the technical specifications carefully in order to find out why a failure occurs in case of a machine and why are they out of order.

Alex is aware by now that there are some jobs for introverts that are worth to consider to choose. He has found his specific one, as a result, he is contented, satisfied and happy.

As a result, it is worth taking your personality, habits and preferences into account, and find the best working area accordingly. Above all, this is the key to remain motivated, committed and successful in the long run.

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Dream jobs for extroverts
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